What is the difference between  Padel tennis PREMIUM EXPERIENCE  and Padel tennis CUSTOM PACKAGE?

Our Padel tennis “Premium Experience”  is  in some of our favourite sports  clubs in Barcelona with a nice combination of spending 3 or 4 days during a weekend and combining leisure in the city.On Saturday afternoon you will get  a 2 hour  class and  another 2 hours of  play  in a rotation system at your level with rests.   You will have 2 gastronomic dinners organized and free time for the rest of your stay.  

A Padel tennis CUSTOM PACKAGE  will be tailored to your requirements at different  clubs in Barcelona. Minimum 4 persons / 1week .  

What are the qualifications of the coaches at your “Padel Tennis Premium Experience “ or “Custom Package”?

All our coaches are qualified  Padel tennis coaches. The coaches at all the clubs have been selected not just for their knowledge of Padel  tennis but also  for their language skills,  personal qualities, love and enthusiasm, patience, sense of humour and attentiveness to individual needs.

Do you run holidays specifically for single Padel tennis players?

Yes. We can run it in our  “Custom Package “ service with a  minimum of 4 persons / 1week . 

Do I need to pay the full amount at the time of the booking?

We ask for a deposit of 50%  per person for the “Premium Experience “or ”Custom Package”. You should book at least 3 weeks before your arrival, The remaining balance will then be due 1 week prior to your arrival.

Registrations with less than 3 weeks notice will be subject to hotel  availability or available player places and  will require full payment.

What happens if it rains?

If rain is forecast we will use another club with covered Padel tennis courts. Transport to and from the club will be included and organized from the hotel at no extra cost.

Should there be some rain during your Padel tennis session, the coach will do his best to work around the timing to complete the programme. 

When is the last date I can book on “Premium Experience” ?

We do not have an “end date” for the enrolment, but we do have limited places at our services, so once they have all been filled we will stop taking bookings. If you know you are going to attend the “event”  we recommend booking as soon as possible.

Will I have to share a room?

The packages are for individual rooms.  If you want to share with another player or with a friend or family, it will cost less and we will inform you of the total amount for 2 persons instead of just for 1.

My mother tongue is not English, Spanish or French. Do you have coaches that speak other languages in case I need any assistance?

The coaches are multi-lingual. Even though our common language is Spanish, English and French, we believe that in case you need any assistance, we have someone you can count on.

How many different nationalities attend the events?

The events are truly international, with an excellent mix of nationalities such as British, French, Italian, German and Spanish.

What should I bring with me to Barcelona?

We will send you a suggested list of things to bring following your registration.

Are there a minimum / maximum number of players for “Premium Experience”?

Yes. We have a maximum number of 20 players  for our “Premium Experience” and a maximum of an extra 20 persons who just want to come to enjoy our Barcelona weekend programme.

Are there a minimum / maximum number of players for “Custom Package”?

The “Custom Package” is conditional on a minimum of 4 Padel tennis players and up to 4 persons that want to come but not play  Padel tennis. Maximum number of persons to be discussed. Minimum stay – 7 days.

Is there a specific day of the week to start “Premium Experience”?

Yes. Our events are “Option 1”:  Thursday to Sunday or “Option 2”: Friday to Sunday.

We suggest our clients book a “Custom Package” for different arrangements where you will be able to enjoy a whole week of  Barcelona + Padel tennis.

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